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Why You Should Consider a <br>Ductless Air System

A ductless air system (heat pump) is a dual heating and cooling system, one that operates without the use of air ducts

Each ductless system features an outside condensing unit, just like you see with central AC systems. But instead of pumping air into an air handler and then through forced air ducts, a ductless system pumps refrigerant directly to one or more wall-mounted heat exchangers.

A ductless system can be used to heat and cool your whole house, or for a new room or addition. It’s more energy efficient than either a central AC or heating system and easier to maintain, especially if you use just one system to replace the two you already have.

Here are more reasons to consider enhancing your indoor comfort with ductless air:

  1. Quiet operation

  2. Quick and easy to install

  3. Lowers your carbon footprint

  4. Easy to maintain

  5. The convenience of remote control operation

Is ductless air the perfect solution for every home heating or cooling need? No, but it is yet another solution available to you when you choose GBT Heating & Cooling. Contact us today to arrange a free in-home home comfort evaluation and new system quote. We’ll explain your options and help you choose what’s best for your home, family and budget.


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