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Why Your Air Ducts Should Be Inspected

Look around your house and ask yourself this: “How much of what I own is likely to last a lifetime?” The honest answer will be “very little, except maybe your house itself. Short of that, just about everything else has a temporary lease on life.

That includes your air ducts, whose average lifespan is about 15-20 years. But even if yours do last that long, there are still things that can go wrong at times, hence the need for periodic inspections.

For example, air ducts can come apart where they’re joined. They can develop cracks of just about any size, too. When that happens, two things are sure to follow:

  1. Conditioned air (warm or cool) can and will escape where you don’t need it, like in your attic. That, in turn, causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder to compensate for the conditioned air that’s escaping.

  2. Backdrafts can occur, where dirt and other contaminants are pulled into your ducts and, ultimately, into your living spaces and lungs.

And now for the $64,000 question: how old are your air ducts? Don’t know, and/or can’t remember the last time they were inspected? Then clearly the time for an inspection is now.

How else might you know that an air duct inspection is in order? If your heating bills are steadily climbing but the amount of heat you consume stays relatively consistent.

Today, GBT Heating & Cooling invites you to call to request a heating or cooling system inspection (depending on the time of year), one that will include an inspection of your air ducts. With GBT, it’s all part of the service, and consistent with our goal to help you heat and cool your home as efficiently and affordably as possible.


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